5 Passions of a Healthy Church

Kenneth O. Gangel of Dallas Seminary mentions 5 balanced passions that indicate a healthy Great Commission Church.  These include:

1. Winning the Lost

2. Building the Believer

3. Equipping the Worker

4. Multiplying the Leader

5. Sending the Called Ones

We probably look at those as "no-brainers." But ask yourself this question: How I am helping my church and my own personal journey to be healthy.  We realize that numbers don't always indicate health.  Something that grows fast is not always something that is healthy.  Cancer grows rapidly, but none of us want to be told we have the C-word.

In the church, though, numbers can be good indicators - are we growing and are we reaching people?  It also challenges us to take a look at where we are spiritually.  Are we showing consistent growth in our walk with Christ and in participating the Great Commission work of our local church?  Healthy Churches have Healthy Christians who are demonstrating and fulfilling these 5 passions.

So how are you doing in your walk with Christ?  Is it solely you and you alone - or do you see a spiritual/numerical increase, in that, others are coming to Christ because of your witness and are being discipled?  Or is it the proverbial - us 4 and no more?  We have our group and it is staying the same - and I am staying the same.  We are not growing and I am not growing.

Take this challenge - how can you help participate in these Great Commission passions?  Remember this fact: Healthy Churches have Healthy Christians and Healthy Christians demonstrate Healthy Growth.