4 Ways to Know if I am a Healthy Christian

I just finished the series Healthy Church this past Sunday morning.  My hope is, though, that we don't stop striving to be healthy Christians.  Any of you who have been involved in running or working out know that, when you take a break from your workouts for a period of time, it takes a whole lot longer time and effort to get back into shape than it does to get out of shape.  

That idea also seems to apply to us spiritually.  When we stop working out spiritually, it seems like we slowly fall into a spiritual laziness that results in a slow loss of spiritual fervor.  And then once we are out, it is so difficult to get back where we used to be.  So how do we get in shape spiritually and stay in shape spiritually?

Take this quick evaluation: How Energized Are You in Your Faith?

     1. Are you  active in worship and is it  both a priority and a way that you engage God? Hebrews 10:25

     2. Do you derive your energy from a consistent time of prayer and do you genuinely listen to God - not just tell Him your needs?  Ephesians 6:18

     3. Does the Word of God convict you and change your attitudes and behaviors on a regular basis - or do you find yourself making excuses or exceptions for what you do?  Hebrews 4:12-13

     4. Do you serve others and encourage them to greater service and discipleship?  Romans 12:6-13

One of the keys of being a Healthy Christian is to get into shape and then stay in shape.  Don't accept anything less than becoming the believer God wants you to be.  Remind yourself of these 4 questions and stay energized in your faith.